Captain Jeff

Fishing is a way of life and a family affair for Captain Jeff. He is the sixth generation of a fishing family from Eastern Prince Edward Island, Canada. Living in Red Point and fishing from North Lake he is happiest setting sail at first light each morning. “I love catching fish,” says Captain Jeff, “more than that, I get the biggest thrill of just seeing people reeling in everything from a mackerel to an 11 foot tuna,” he says. With no shortage of time on the water, Captain Jeff has fished throughout his entire childhood beginning when he was two years old with his father and grandfathers, combining four generations of experienced fishermen. This love of the sea and community helped develop North Lake as the world famous ‘Tuna Capital Of The World’Captain Jeff offers his tours and excursions six days a week, but if you want to fish Sunday you will have to make an advanced reservation.


With Captain Jeff you’re in PEI’s safest hands. Capatin Jeff is an active member of the Canadian Coast Guard in the role of Quarter Master for the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. Captain Jeff is also a valid first responder with CPR, marine and first aid training. Captain Jeff’s boat the Wendy RV meets all of Transport Canada’s rigorous regulations and is fully equipped with all the necessary safety gear and diving ladders for the excursion of your choice. He can arrange safety divers for underwater television crews wishing to dive and shoot giant Bluefin. Whether it’s going Tuna Fishing, Swimming and Diving with Giant Tuna, Whale and Seal Watching, Lobster Fishing or Deep-Sea Fishing, Captain Jeff prides himself on catching fish safely, while making the experience enjoyable and memorable for all of his guests.

Since 1997, Captain Jeff has taken thousands of people out fishing. Celebrities such as, Adam MacQuid from the Boston Bruins, David Chilton – a Dragon on the hit television series CBC Dragon’s Den and author of ‘The Wealthy Barber, Greta Podleski author ofLooneyspoons, and Thomas Pigeon from the television show Canada In The Rough, have all joined Captain Jeff on the Wendy RV for an exhilarating and life changing experience.


Captain Jeff has not only a vast knowledge of the sea, he one of the most professional and courteous hosts you will ever find. In addition to being a big game fishing expert, tackle rigger, and crack-shot marksman, Captain Jeff is also a top-notch storyteller. His fishing tales will keep you entertained throughout your excursion. Captain Jeff loves to share his experiences: like the time Captain Jeff was out fishing tuna and mistakenly hooked and battled a Great White Shark nearly as long as the Wendy RV, which nearly capsized his boat! Or the time he hooked two Giant Bluefins at the same time. He says he had no choice but to throw his $5000.00 rod and reel overboard with a buoy and monster tuna on it. He radio-ed a friend who found the rig racing out to sea, but managed somehow to grab it and reel it in. And what about the Minke whale which towed his boat?!

In 2011, Captain Jeff MacNeill hooked and released a monster 1,350-pound Bluefin!

Word from Captain Jeff

"Bluefin are beautiful and incredibly power animals, I remember everyone I bring to the boat. Ever catch a tiger by the tail? There is nothing that is going to ring your big game fishing bell like one of these giants. They are under my boat everyday. I'll get you one.." - Jeff MacNeill


"Captain Jeff knows exactly where to go. Both times I was out with him with stand-up gear and within minutes of dropping a line, and I'm not kidding, I was into a monster. That's what I came for. There were some mighty high-fives let me tell you when we released both fish. Cabo, has nothing on North Lake, this is big game fishing at its finest, and what, only a few minutes from the harbour. It doesn't get better than this." - Tom Mircle, Ontario
"Bluefin fishing tuna this big is nothing less than heart-stopping. And I mean BIG. The one I hooked felt like Howitzer shell heading for the horizon. The whole experience is bolted now in my heart and mind, I won't forget it. It was a sheer pleasure being in the hands of a professional like Captain Jeff. He knows what he's doing that's for sure. I've already re-booked." - Brett Skyvington, Toronto 
"To be honest, I am not that experienced. I get excited about a ten pound pike. Pulling in a 924 lb Bluefin with Captain Jeff - that's right, a 924 lb TUNA - made me feel  like I was in fishing heaven. It nearly killed me with excitement. Man those fish are brutal. Jeff coached me all the way through. Should I mention that was the second fish we hooked that day? He said he wouldn't let me go home until I got one. Short story - want a trophy tuna? Call Captain Jeff." - Cory Seward
Lethbridge, Alberta 
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