Whale & Seal Watching Tour

Headline Photo

Sail Times: By reservation - Contact Captain Jeff

Adults $50.00
Children 12 & Under $35.00
18 persons maximum for this excursion
Available from July to September

This is Mother Nature in the raw but chances are if you are with Captain Jeff he will find these amazing creatures for you to enjoy in their natural setting and in all their glory. Everyday it’s a new experience out there, “I would not trade this job for the world,” Captain Jeff says. It should be noted that there is no guarantee for a whale, seal, shark, or giant Bluefin sighting.


We do advise you to keep your camera ready for the variety of whales and other sea-creatures that you might see on your tour:


Pilot Whales, Finback Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Right Whales, Sperm Whales, Beaked Whales and Dolphins & Porpoises.

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